EI-1000/2000 High-Precision Weight Indicator/Transmitter


The Eagle Microsystems Eagle-Eye Digital Display Indicator/Transmitters are high precision, microprocessor-based indicator/transmitters for use with any Eagle electronic scale. These instruments are also compatible with most electronic scales of other manufacture. The family consists of the Model EI-1000 Single Channel and the Model EI-2000 Dual Channel Display units. Large, bright LED displays and highly accurate 4-20 mAdc outputs scalable to any required range characterize both instruments. Both displays and outputs are continuously available. The user-friendly keypad permits the indicator to display: Amount Used, Amount Remaining, Total Weight, Gross Weight, and Rate by Weight.

Both units offer a unique Pushbutton Zero function and Calibration Verification which allows the user to verify system calibration every time the operator installs a new load on the scale. The instruments offer 5 modes of operation, ranging from fully automatic to full manual operation. In automatic mode the instrument automatically computes the tare weight and then displays the amount of chemical available. Rate by Weight offers the ability to compute and display the rate at which the chemical is being used as well as computing the time until the container will be empty.

The electronics are housed in a NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure making it suitable for virtually any environment encountered in a municipal treatment plant. Alarm contacts and serial outputs are optionally available.

System Features

  • User-friendly, multi-pushbutton operator panel
  • Unique Pushbutton Zero function
  • Large, bright LED displays
  • Microprocessor-based logic
  • 4-20 mAdc output signals standard
  • NEMA 4X enclosure for environmental protection
  • Optional contact and serial outputs for alarms and direct computer interface
  • Displays: Amount Used, Remaining, Total, Gross and Rate by Weight
  • Integral LED annunciator to display operating mode

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Download EI-1000 Specifications

Download EI-2000 Specifications