All New EI-4000 Multi-Channel Weight Indicator


The all new Eagle Microsystems EI-4000 is a precision multi channel indicator intended to provide many advanced features while providing cost savings through the use of a single indicator for multiple scales.  The instrument provides a high resolution touchscreen display capable of showing up to 12 channels simultaneously. Amount used, amount remaining, gross weight, tare weight, net remaining, daily usage, and rate of feed are all displayed and tracked by the indicator. Daily usage over the last 31 days is also available.

The EI-4000 comes standard as a 4 channel indicator, but can display up to 12 channels with up to 12 4-20 mA outputs. The EI-4000 can also be provided in a tank level management configuration, allowing automatic refill of tanks and other containers. This indicator an also be used to monitor other scale systems, permitting the use of it’s features with instruments that may not share them.



    • Simple, easy to use, 6.5″  hi-resolution touchscreen display
    • Up to 12 scale inputs with 12 4-20mA outputs
    • Field programmable
    • NEMA 4X enclosure
    • On-board diagnostics
    • RS-232, RS-485, Modbus RTU
    • Optional Ethernet/Ip

Download a PDF Data Sheet
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