mVG1000 Temperature Simulator


The Eagle Microsystems mVG1000 is a tool designed to help diagnose and test devices that monitor pH, ORP and other conditions. The device can be wired directly into the instrument being inspected and using the various settings on the tool itself check the proper function and operation of the instrument.

The mVG1000 is a two-quadrant mV generator . Being two-quadrant means the mV output is capable of positive or negative mV levels. It features fixed point and vernier modes. Battery status indicators show the status of the CR- 2032 coin cell. The vernier mode output can range from -2000mV to +2000mV. Also included is a Pt-1000 fixed point simulator for pH temperature compensation testing.

Vernier Mode Fixed point mode
Option + p1 p2 p3
pH -500 mV +500 mV -177 mV 0 mV +177 mV
2V -2000 mV +2000 mV -1000 mV 0 mV +1000 mV


  • Low cost
  • Two quadrant signal generation
  • Three fixed point levels
  • Internal calibration potentiometers
  • Fixed temperature sepoints at 0,25 and 50 oC
  • Ten turn vernier knob

Download a PDF Data Sheet