USL-1000 & USF-1000 Ultrasonic Transmitter


The USL-1000 is a low cost, high precision ultrasonic monitoring system for tank level, chemical inventory control, and open channel flow measurement. The system consists of one or more ultrasonic sensors and an Eagle Microsystems digital indicator/transmitter.

The sensor is capable of monitoring level over a range of 12-inches to 25 feet with a resolution of 0.1-inch. It is provided with integral microprocessor intelligence, which eliminates false echoes and ambient noise to assure signal accuracy.

The measured value is displayed via a 2-line x 16-character, backlit LCD display and can be transmitted to remote instrumentation. The indicator transmitter is provided with an operator keypad having four (4) tactile feedback buttons. All commands are menu driven. The instrument provides a 4-20 mAdc output signal for recording or control and three (3) user programmable solid state contact outputs for alarm.

As an option the sensor can be provided as a stand alone unit with its own 4-20 mAdc output which can be transmitted directly to your PLC, SCADA system or computer for central monitoring or control. For chemical inventory control applications and in conjunction with an Eagle scale, the system can be configured to measure tank level and weight simultaneously.


  • 12 in. to 25 ft. range
  • .1 inch resolution
  • Accuracy of +/- .25% of range
  • programmable filtering
  • Temperature compensation
  • 2 line x 16 character display
  • 4 pushbutton operator interface
  • 4-20 mA dc output

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