Isolated USB to Serial Converter


The USB to Serial converter provides a robust interface between the two communication types. Industrial environments can have voltage spikes or ground isolation problems. These conditions can lead to delicate and expensive equipment being damaged or destroyed. The converters electrical isolation provides protection from these events, potentially saving money on repairs and replacements.

Another issue addressed by this converter is availability of serial ports on modern computers. This device allows computers without serial ports to interface with existing RS-232/485 systems.

The USB to Serial converter can be used while configuring PLC, CNC, and CAD systems. It is also useful for banking applications, maintenance engineers, home automation, and as a reliable portable serial port that can be brought to a site.


  • Suitable for industrial environments
  • Protects sensitive equipment
  • 300 VDC, 500 VAC spike protection
  • Ruggedly designed
  • Portable reliability

Download a PDF Data Sheet