LC-WA Low Capacity Weighing Assembly


LC-WA Low Capacity Weighing Assemblies are versatile hi-performance weighing devices that can be used for compression or tension weighing applications. They are available in 8 ranges from 100 lbs – 5000 lbs capacity. The LC-WA combines performance and quality at an economical price. The LC-WA base plate has a one inch diameter clearance hole, that permits the use of one-half inch diameter tension flexure rod for applications that require hanging the vessel in tension. For compression applications, an optional bearing plate and load isolator are available. The bearing plate allows one to attach the vessel foot or vessel lug to the weighing assembly. In many situations, this attachment versatility eliminates the need for vessel stay rods. The load isolator accommodates minor misalignments between the vessel and the weighing assembly.

System Features

  • Environmentally protected stainless steel load cell
  • Suitable for tension applications when used w/tension flexure rods
  • Optional stainless steel base plate and bearing plate
  • Capacities from 100 – 5000 lbs.

Download a PDF Data Sheet
Download Operators Manual – LCWA-HI
Download Operators Manual – LCWA-LO