C7200P Precision Dual Ton Container Scale


The Eagle Microsystems Model C7200P Precision Dual Ton Container scale is a reliable and accurate weighing solution designed for industrial and municipal applications. The C7200 is built with a rugged, corrosion-protected, steel box frame for years of reliable service in harsh environments. Weighing is accomplished using four precision stainless-steel strain gage load cells to ensure accuracy in excess of 0.1% of rated load. In addition, overload stops and all stainless-steel hardware are standard on every scale. The C7200P is capable of weighing ton containers like chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, and more with a maximum capacity of 8,000 lbs (3,600 kg). If you are looking for the optimum device to control your expensive chemical inventory, your only choice is the C7200P!


  • Four sealed, precision, stainless steel load cells
  • Better than 0.1% accuracy
  • No pivots or bearings that require maintenance
  • Overload stops and shock isolators for optimum performance
  • Rugged steel box frame construction w/acrylic urethane enamel finish
  • Low profile (7 inches high), no scale pit required
  • Built-in roller trunnions never require greasing
  • All stainless steel hardware and load cells

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