UWF Universal Weight Frame


The Eagle Microsystems model UWF Universal Weigh Frame is an adaptable design that allows the user to specify the best physical size to suit his requirement. The Universal Weigh Frame can just as easily be made rectangular, as it can be made square, making it suitable for rectangular hopper scales. The user can specify the optional shroud that will convert the frame to a floor scale or a shallow pit scale. Without the shroud, the middle of the frame is free of all obstructions, and permits the user to either run piping through the center, or have the vessel extend through the floor. The Universal Weigh Frame can accommodate flat bottom or conical bottom vessels. The Universal Weigh Frame is readily adaptable to vessels that incorporate three or four legs, or tank lugs.


  • Factory assembled
  • Factory calibrated
  • Direct attachment of the vessel to the weight frame
  • Stay rods not required
  • Freedom to locate the vessel legs as required.
  • Easy installation

Download a PDF Data Sheet