RP-1200 Residual Chlorine/pH Analyzer


The Eagle Microsystems RP-1200 residual chlorine and pH analyzer uses digital electronics to measure free or total chlorine residual and pH using probe technology in an easy to maintain package.

The measuring element for chlorine residual is an amperometric probe to simplify operation and minimize maintenance. The sensing element for pH is glass, double junction cell. These sensors are housed in an acrylic block holder which allows for easy cleaning and service. A rotameter and control valve are optionally available to permit regulation of sample flow rate. The monitoring instrument of the RP-1200 provides a two line by 16- character LCD display to monitor both chlorine and pH in engineering units and permits operator control and configuration through a simple, 4-pushbutton operator interface.

The instrument provides an isolated 4-20 mAdc output and four alarm contacts.

Download the RP-1200 data sheet

Download the RP-1200 manual